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So what I've gathered is that we really don't know how much oil is in the system between the leak and what ever was residual. Did you drain the compressor of oil before charging?

Last year I got a new Sanden compressor and it came pre-charged with 7oz of PAG oil, which is way too much for a 164 system. I drained it all and put in 4 oz of POE. I'm purely guessing now, but lacking all tech data, the Alfetta system might take about 4oz of oil total. I wouldn't think that a new condenser would add much, if any, refrigerant volume to the system, although unless drained they can hold about 1oz of oil.

As far as the compressor cycling, at what low and high side pressure does the compressor cutout, then come on again?

You might take a look at some of the tech questions/data on and They make generic systems for hot rods and you might get a few tips from there.

I know I'm not much help, but if I had the tech data for the system, I'd be more useful. Look on the side of the pressure switch. Sometimes it gives the psi triggers right there. If not, a make or part number might help track down the specs of the switch.

Right now I'm thinking that you might need some more refrigerant, but that's only a guess.

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