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My friend figures that since a Milano takes 36 oz. of R12, so this means 1.85 (or so) cans of R12a. We're going on the assumption that the Milano, early GTV6, and Alfetta GT have the same 'volume'.

My last filling was with one can of Oil Charge 3 which is 2 oz. oil and 2 oz. 12a and one can of R12a - which means I'm about 3 oz. low on refrigerant.

Now that I've changed condenser's, I have no idea if the 'volume' increased or decreased, or is about the same.

And as I mentioned in my first post, I had a major oil spill coming from the threads on the fitting that I later soldered (since teflon tape only slowed it down a bit).

The questions that I need answered: How much oil did the 'Sanden' compressor originally come with?

What type of high and/or low switch do I need and at what psi's should the switch turn off the compressor? And how should it be wired? Then the big challenge will be to find one that fits in my dryer.

I'm also confused as to the compressor cycling off and on - I gather to keep the interior at the temperature level of the setting of the compressor switch. Obviously this is an exaggerated fantasy for an Alfetta GT in that it might be too cold.

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