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MY 86 - $2500.00 Alfa

Here is a picture of my 1986 Spider that I bought in pieces in Nashville. George (Conedriver) and I hauled it back to Lexington where I reassembled it. It came with two engines - L-Jets - Two good transmissions, Two Differentials, and Fourteen Tuberware boxes of new and used parts. It had a chassis stiffener, Bilstens, and IAP red springs with four 15" Panasports mounted. Also, a Harbor Frieght engine lift, extra converible top which I gave to George for helping me haul all the stuff home. $2500.00 dollars ! Guy just didn't want it anymore.
The nose is a bit chipped up from going Bra-less, but that will fix up.
Incase you didn't notice, It's a WHITEY. You know what that means....... Ask John M or Murray Sert if you don't.
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......... Bud Feigel ........<Oo \*/ oO>....... Lexington, Kentucky ........
'82 RED GTV6 / 2.5 - '86 WHITE Spider Veloce 2000 - '71 GREEN GTV 1750

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