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Originally Posted by JohnWillo View Post
Hi there Alfa owners and enthusiasts, I'm the newest owner of a 1992 Alfa Romeo 164 sedan. It's a manual trans (of course)! 3.0L and seems to be a solid car. I have pages of service records from the previous owner, and it's apparent that the same two major problems I'm experiencing have existed for a while. The problems I'm having are 1) unpredictable difficulty starting, mostly when the engine is hot, and 2) the car runs quite warm, between 200-225 degrees. The first problem, with starting, actually caused me to completely drain the battery trying to start it yesterday, and it only finally started this morning when it was cold. The running hot issue almost seems like the car has a 220 degree thermostat or something because it takes quite a long time to build that engine temp, and once it does, nothing will drop it, not freeway driving and not the electric cooling fan. It does not, however overheat in the sense of boiling over or pegging the temp gauge at 250. I should mention that the previous owner has replaced the fuel pump in a vain effort to fix the starting problem. I like the car, and it is tons of fun to drive, but the combination of not being certain it will restart and running uncomfortably hot has led me to park it for now. Any insight that you folks have will be greatly appreciated, and maybe I can actually enjoy my little red Italian sport sedan!
Welcome. Hard starts are fairly common in these cars when warm. You need to press the gas pedal 1-2 times to get it to go. Could be a fuel pressure issue but even after I did my whole fuel system to new condition, I still get this from time to time. New check valve too. Might be best to but another check valve in the fuel hose on the rail in the engine compartment. Also check those items Sasha Mentions.

Sounds like you may have a stuck thermostat.
That should clear up that issue unless there is another issue such as fan not coming on properly.
Let me know if I can help?
Welcome to the club. 1992 is a good year. fixed most issues in those 1992-1993 years.


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