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yes, you can fix with epoxy. see, epoxy does not shrink like polyester, and it is an adhesive, whereas, polyester is not a very good adhesive. also, epoxy is amazingly strong, compared to a talc filled polyester, and does not absorb water like a talc based polyester. the reason boats that stay in the water eventually blister on the bottom is due to the migration of water into and through the polyester. epoxy does not do this, or rather, takes an extremely long time to allow this. i am happy to explain how to do this, but it is not rocket science. once you fix a few things around the house with it, you won't know how you survived without it. using epoxy with the correct fiberglass fabric that is strong, light, and easily conformable, will, literally, revolutionize your rapairs in many instances. areas that rust a lot (spare tire buckets in the trunk), i thought of simply molding a new bucket out of fiberglass with the identical dimensions of the original, and then it can be installed by a backyard bodyman by using the correct adhesive. no welding, and no rusting, ever again. the problem is, a lot purists want metal only, but, if you drive the car a lot, i see it as much more practical.
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