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Phase 1, Conrad, done.
Phase 2, Frank's of Berkeley, done. Changes the windshield today. I have a variety of windshields around, chose one that seemed the closest fit in size. The glass in the car is original Alfa, perhaps original to the car, but pitted and sand-blasted, thus making glare at night. Frank's changed this gasket 15ish years ago; the one in the car when I bought it had air visible around it. In the ensuing years, this gasket got old and stiff enough that they asked me to find a new one. So got one from Jon Norman and Frank's was done by 3:00pm. Now that's service. They do the best glass around. Kept the old one as a spare.
This isn't cheap. I had the glass already, but retail value is $445. Gasket is about $150 (cheaper from Centerline) and $180 labor. Glue-in is even more, because the labor, done right, take hours. I did the removal of interior trim, etc. to save a bit of labor.
Phase 3, Andy Schank, paint.
Phase 4, reupholster front seat bottom.
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