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The boots have to be removed for rebuild and replacing them is a must if ripped. the tower to shift rod boot keeps the oil in the trans. those leaks are bad for a fresh rebuild. how much is leaving while driving?

First gear syncro carrier
They are "one sided" due to the fact that you cannot upshift to first, only downshift( milano and GTV-6 transaxles are set up same way) all the other gears can be subject to needing syncro effect for speeding up and lowering the speed of a gear relative to output shaft.
All the "need to" pause or touch second is usually due to worn 1st, cold trans oil and the fact that 1st is spinning 54% faster than second thus to do a good down shift into 1st from 2nd at 1500 RPM's you need to blip throttle to 2310.
At 2000 RPM's you need to hit 3080 RPM's to slide into 1st.
I think most people don't throttle up enough on downshifts to 1st and blame the trans.

When sitting at a light in neutral and car idling, engine 850 RPM approx.
and you step on clutch and shove into 1st at that instant the slider is not moving, 0 RPM ( connected to output shaft i.e. drive shaft) 1st gear is at 262 RPM's and you expect it to instantly engage.

I often put 2-5th carriers on first only for the reason that it is hard to find a good 1st carrier. Not for any improved syncro action.

Any questions feel free to call

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