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a complete front end...

I did a big push this last weekend and got the big welding complete on the front end. Rebuilt the headlight housings and polished the 1 piece grill. The car originally had the figure 8 headlight bezels but I like the 1 piece grill. The stuff that came with the car was totally mangled anyway. I bought the 1 piece grill from the BB and got it for a good price but its very warped. It polished up nicely but is actually pretty pretzeled (twisted) from end to end. Stainless steel does polish up nicely but does not like to bend back to shape.

Next is the rear fender arches and rust holes in only one door ??? Why only one? A few holes in pan to fix and it should be relatively hole free. Suprisingly the lower side longs are rust free. No rhyme or reason to some of this rust action. I also got the rear fender arches from Classic Alfa, this area is trickier than its look. There is 3 layers here.

Anyhow its nice to drive into the garage and see a face on my Super, Its got such a nice smirk. Must be one of the coolest front ends in auto history.

Probably take a bit of a Alfa break now. My 914-6's engine needs some serious attention. My 7 year old is finally "into" cars and my only running sports car start spewing oil like the Valdeez.

Promise to update when thing happens. Appreciate all the info on this BB

cheers Daron
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