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Originally Posted by Jorge Mazlumian View Post
Nock, nock, nock constantly for 20 minutes, I might even forget my name at the end of the first session.

Jorge (where am I?)

You are funny...just make sure you are driving in the same direction as the rest of us.

If the cage cannot be modified perhaps the seat postion can? You might be able to move it more inboard to the tunnel and get your head off the bar. You might be able to gain a bit by increasing the seat layback. You might be able to mitigate by using a halo seat. If you come up with some ideas that are not too complicated I got cutting tools and welders at my house and I'd be glad to help try and move stuff. Maybe if you posted a few photos here we could come up with some ideas. It is hard to really understand where you are having issues.
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