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Originally Posted by Jorge Mazlumian View Post
Well, may be safety is not the issue. I searched several places and cannot find a good quote for helmet/roll cage clearance, except for the famous broomstick 2" rule. But that is for height, especially in topless cars.
My helmet rests against the bottom of the (new)front to back bar, because the bar goes inwards towards the center of the car in the back (original roll bar), but there's at least 3" of space to be able to move it outwards.
Normal driving (even on a freeway) makes your head/helmet giggle a bit, imagine a track, imagine a track at full speed. Nock, nock, nock constantly for 20 minutes, I might even forget my name at the end of the first session.

Jorge (where am I?)
Ok, mine was not that far out. It was only 1/2" from the side, but getting padding in was a little challenge. Maybe have just that halo bar re-bent to move it over.
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