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Originally Posted by Jorge Mazlumian View Post
And with the helmet on, well, I might as well tape my helmet to the bar to keep it from bouncing constantly. And this is even before I install the roll bar pads.
I never had a full cage before, but this doesn't sound safe.
Sounds like I'll have to sit this one out. I was really looking forward to come.

I was your corvette garage-mate at WSIR remember? I built my own cages. It is counter intuitive but you are actually safer with your head either 12" away from a bar or the bar right on top of you as you describe. You see belts stretch an easy 8" in a 20G crash pulse. Under those conditions a bar closer than about 12" your head gets whiplashed like a tip of a rat tail rolled up towel right into the bar. That is why the idea of the petty bar is just about not used anymore and full containment seats are all the rage. When your head is really close to a SFI 45.1 padded bar the bar acts like a head bolster. Think about baseball and your head is the ball. Would you rather be a ball swung at by the bat or a ball bunted as hard as he can?
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