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1/24 gta 1300 questions

hi all.

my name is Filippo and i am from Monza, Italy.

i think to be a lucky guy, because i am the owner of more than one old car that are the real passion of my life.

but i can bet i could never afford a gta in my whole life.

not a nightmare problem.

as gta is one of my favourite car and i am model builder i decided to build a tamiya one with scale productions transkit of fibrglass fender version.

1300 gta junior will be the model

i am quite a maniac for models, and i like to modify them.

some points aren't clear for me and i need your help please:

1) group 2, 4, 5

- all these cars raced with autodelta bubble wheelarches similar to gtam?
- what where the major differences and how to recognize them?
- any big external difference (mechanical too) remember we are doing a model. doesn't need a "bore and stroke answer" lol!

2) seats

- does group 2 and 4 have in 1970-75 the full interior for law?
- when the full cage front roll bar came?

3) engine head

- in which parts car racing in Italy had the "narrow head"? most of them, winning ones, only few.

4) fuel injection

- all the narrow head cars have it? any narrow head was raced with carburetors?

5) external mirror

in majority of period pictures flared gtas don't have them. and gtams are shown with closed stock mirror. any rules about them at that time?

hope you can help me

thank you

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