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2111018 or "2111018"

There is no need for fear ("... be afraid, ..." ??) unless one is considering spending money that one does not have. But, one would be wise to check certain cars out more carefully than others. It would be wise to check out any of these cars somewhat carefully before pretending that it is possible to establish a value.

At one time not all that long ago, it was possible to consider purchasing more than one car bearing the chassis number "2111018". At one time it was possible to consider purchasing the Brandone body while it was fitted to a chassis that bore yet another chassis number that was not its own ... while the body wore Erdmann & Rossi badges. A lovely car that was not as it seemed. Frankly, I don't know what that car calls itself today as it has carried at least three different chassis numbers in the last 20 years. I cannot be certain that it has always been the same chassis underneath the body but there are reasons to think that it was only the numbers that were changed.

There is much more to the story of each of these cars than meets the eye of the casual researcher. Each car is an individual that deserves more than to be lumped together with all the rest, each of which cannot have the same story no matter how much we might take comfort from the knowledge that what "could have happened" to this car is possible simply because it happened to that one. "Could have" does not make it so!

Of interest to this thread is the note that the number "2111018" on the second chassis was replaced with another number, leaving seemingly only one chassis bearing the chassis number 2111018 as its identity.

During 1999 I saw 2111018 with Dino Cognolato's "Carrozzeria Nova Rinascente" where it was set to be bodied for it's UK owner, Peter Rae. The car then went through the hands of Neil Corner and perhaps others? I last saw 2111018 in April of 2009 at Techno Classica (Essen) where was displayed by Lukas Huni. The car appeared to need some additional arch to the springs, front & rear ... or have its fenders ("wings") mounted a bit higher than they were. Perhaps it needed smaller tires? Some less-than perfect photos show what I saw ... and what Lukas Huni shared about the car.

Good luck with your studies. Keep your minds open to various possibilities in all forms. But, it is silly to fear what you might learn during a simple (or complex) study.
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