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I apologize. I wish him the best in restoring this car.

Originally Posted by Super1600 View Post
Hey guys, I think everyone who has commented has pretty much said the same thing, and the owner of this very sad rusty spider simply isn't listening. I think he has made his mind up irrespective of what all of us may think/say.

Therefore I am not sure it really there is any real point persisting with this line. It is his choice, and there is no doubt about it, this is not something which in any remote way makes economical sense, irrespective that it was free and assuming he can do the majority of the work himself.

Therefore, I guess the best thing is to wish him a lot of patience and hope he enjoys the process for it is sure going to be a lot of hard graft to bring this one back to life. It is possible that is for sure, as my Giulia Super was damned rusty, though not quite as bad as this Spider, and most people would have said I too was nuts and I don't even know how to weld so had to pay people to do the work for me. But now it looks like a Super waiting to be painted, which again regrettably is something I am going to have to pay someone to do one day as I don't have the gear, space, time or top quality experience to be able to do.

I guess in the end the owner of this one is so keen to tackle it, perhaps to prove it can be done, and to be proud of the end result, of his efforts. For sure buying a better one in the first place sure would have been so much easier, but maybe in this instance less rewarding to him.

If so I congratulate him on his courage though I am sure glad it is not my project.

Keep the photos coming mate and all the best.

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