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Sounds like my ex-mother-in-law (ex, so now I can talk about her!). And it was so fun to push her buttons. I remember sitting with my ex-wife and her, watching some politician ranting about this and that, one being that he was in favor of a woman's right to choose. I said, "I don't know why women are so up in arms about the right to choose when they can't make up their minds anyway." Oooooh, did I get a look. She had been a member of CORE in the '60s, and at times would rant on intolerant people, so one time I asked her, if she is prejudiced against bigots, didn't that make her a bigot, too? Oh, boy. Curmudgeons are so much fun. They're like a toy with a pull string, just yank their chain a little and it gets them going. I think she's glad I'm no longer family.

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