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Gotcha. So with the Chrysler parts, I assume parts would be slightly easier to find? To be honest, if I had the money to buy it, I wouldn't want to spend much over $50,000 on resto. It looks fairly solid and aesthetics don't mean much to me, but unwouldnt want to look like a junker. But then again, I'm completely broke and have no car or job, so technically my opinion doesn't matter on such.....matters. But hypothetically, it'd be fun and a good opportunity to own a nice car. I'd just use the Facel as a weekend driver, but with how the weather has been lately, I'd hate to spend that kind of money ona car and then have it end up in a tree the next day because of a tornado lol
I'm pretty surprised at how much the restoration on the Ferrari would cost. You can pretty much buy a new one with that kind of money, but where would the fun be in that? After I get a job, I wouldn't mind restoring an old round tail Spider.

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