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The FV4 was made for the US market in 1957 and 1958 only. It had a 354 or 392 Chrysler Hemi, instead of the smaller 301 used in the French market FV3.

Facels were great cars, loved by GP drivers and journalists for traveling all over Europe at high speed.

The nose of this car has been severely hacked; see this one for comparison:
HowStuffWorks "1954-1959 Facel Vega FV"

The auction is now at $19k, and it will need at the very least double that to restore it to amateur standards. For anything this scarce getting parts is a nightmare...

The sad reality is that restoration costs are so high that hardly any barn find is worth restoring professionally if the end result is worth less than a million . Last year I inquired about the restoration costs for a Ferrari 250GT PF coupe in amazingly similar condition, including the hacked nose. I phoned a shop which has a few 250s under its belt; I spoke to the shop owner who very honestly told me a ground up restoration on a 250 would start at $300K, if the car is complete - good ones sell for around $200K.

Restoring this Facel to the same standard would cost a little less because of the Chrysler drivetrain, let's say $250K. It's worth less than $100K in concours condition.
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