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vehicle tech policy 2011

Am I the only one who [today] cannot seem to access the tech-form intended for this May's Buttonwillow event?

And while I suspended my Alfa-club membership recently, I still am hoping to participate and have a suggestion regarding self-tech. But maybe there is one aspect of the technical/safety inspection that could be discussed.
1. Some seasoned drivers [most obvious are AROSC-Licensed 'race' drivers] seem to be fully capable of self-tech.
2. Some begining or 2nd/3rd/4th time HPDE or TT participants probably are not yet ready for self-tech and will not attempt this.
3. There are a group of in-betweeners who largely know their vehicle really well and have paid/watched a handful of times while their vehicle has been tech-inspected by a 3rd party. THIS is the issue that could be addressed.

The AROSC drivers/race schools could cover these issues and essentially approve those individuals who want to begin using self-tech forms. Maybe HPDE students could be 'certified' for 8 or 9 months, TT-students could be certified for 18 months, and race drivers for 36 months or more . . .
Its just one idea, and I hope it triggers a little discussion.

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