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I want an alfa 105.....but have no idea!


I am new to this forum and need some advice. Does anybody have any words of wisdom when it come to owning and living with an alfa 105 in australia. Any ideas on what to pay for an average 105.

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do you want a project? or just a ready to cruise and go to wine tastings with cheese platters and posh speaking english men?
i personally would go the second option, i hate wine, cheese is nice with crackers and iv always wanted a posh speaking english friend to make fun of.... but most of all, i just want a finished 105 stepnose to putt about in because i see too many rust horrors on this site and dont have years to work on it, or that space to do it [yet].

ebay has had 2 or 3 "fully rebuild ground up" jobs on there lately, starting at around $10,000 with reserves, and buy it now's at round $20,000. dont know what the bidders finished off at or even if they sold...
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I would also agree with the second one! About the ten grand mark is what I'm looking at. Step nose.....a bit out of my reach. Maybe a 1750 or a 2000 with solid mech and no horrid rust (had that on a fiat and turned into a very very expensive job). That being said I've never driven one and have NFI about what to look for.
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Hi James,

Do what I didn't do.

Join your local Alfa club now. Go to meetings, go to events (even in your non-Alfa). Meet the people ask the ones who own them and drive them to the events. I'm sure you'll be given a ride sooner or later so you can feel what they're like and some of the owners will be more than happy to let you know about all of the issues. In NSW there are a few mechanics that are regular attenders of events (or go to the supersprints and meet the mechanics and drivers of the cars) and they'll be your best friends before and after you buy and you'll feel great knowing you are putting their kids through school.

You could also get the inside running on one selling through the club without going to the trouble of advertising and a known car sold by someone you'll be meeting again and again so less likely to be freshly painted over chewing gum.

You'd be lucky to get a no-ruster with no issues for $10k. Maybe one where the issues won't bite you real hard for a few years so you've got time to work on them. Add $5k and you are getting to the bottom end of the "nice" market rather than the top end of the "OMFG" market.

Whichever one you buy you'll love it and hate it. Be prepared for both.
Oh, and driving one once won't do it for you if you are used to modern soft transport, it'll be very "different". I bought mine without a test drive (yeah, I said to do what I didn't do) and the first drive was a horror (it broke down twice as well). It took a few goes to get the feel for the car and then we matched nicely.
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Had a similar experience with a fiat 500F...
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Or you do what I did when I couldn't find a nice 106, look at 116 gtvs.

And when I couldn't find a nice 116 gtv, I bought a 116 gtv6 instead!

This, in hindsight, was a much better idea all round as they make a much nicer road car IMHO.

Jason oo=v=oo 1983 GTV6 2.8 litres
Ghosts of alfas past: 1974 2000GTV, 1978 2000GTV, 1988 33IE, 1989 75TS.
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That is Ok, but there is a quantum in difference in feel and style between the 105 and 116. I have had both and as well Fiats. Still have my 1750 GTV, Super, AC124 sport and my modern Alfa (156 JTS). Again like in 105s there are differences in feel, power etc. The GTV6 has the edge with its wonderful engine, but on the other hand the early model GT and GTV are perhaps a little purer in style. Mind you 116 GTVs also rust !

If you really want a 105 GTV, check out carsales as there is plenty on offer from 1600s, 1750s and 2L to choose from. Sure by all means join AROCA, but better still if you serious about wanting to get one, check some out that are for sale. Drive them, for you will find subtle differences between each car, depending on how well they have been cared for or restored, and there are differences between the models. I have driven pretty much all models of 105 GTVs (GTA and GTC not included for obvious reasons) and know this from first hand experience.

Mind you when I bought my 1750 GTV, it was in Melbourne and I had a mate test it out for me. The first time I got to drive it was after buying it, by driving from the airport back into the city and onto the boat home to Tassie. Great journey with absolutely no problems. I only paid $7.5K back in '97. It was in ok condition but not brilliant, but it has treated me very well.

My pick for the mix between the earlier and last of the 105 GTV is probably the 1750 S1 (mind you I am slightly biased). If I had the money, space and the missus allowed me I would have both a stepnose and my S1 1750. But that is not possible.

Goodluck in finding the right one for yourself.

"Sporting blood has run through the veins of every Alfa Romeo produced over the last **100** !! years"
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...and then I discover the step nose 105....I better start saving...was this a feature on the Sprint gt and the 1300 J only? What is with Italians and confusing variants...
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In essence James you are correct on all accounts. Alfa models can be a little confusing, especially to those new to the marque.

The Gt (the original one) came out in '63 or '64 can't quite recall. It was a stepnose, these continued until they brought out the veloce (hence GTV) both originally were 1600 cc. The differences between the early GT and GTV stepnoses include trim changes externally (ie bumpers, grills, lights etc), interior (seats, dash trim and steering wheel ?) and then some minor mechanical differences. Slightly more power in a GTV stepnose. I won't bring into the equation the GTA or GTC suffice to say these too were stepnose cars.

Alfa then brought out the 1300 stepnose with originally the early style dash setup but later on while still a stepnose it changed to the later instrument setup akin to the 1750. I am pretty sure the 1300 Junior continued until around 1970.

The series 1 1750 came out in '68 and was replaced by the s2 1750 in around 1970. These are flush nose cars. The S1 has the flying buttress seats, whereas the S2 has more conventional seats as per also the later model GTVs.

Around the same time '69 or so they replaced the 1600 GT Veloce with the 1600 junior with a flush nose. Later on I am pretty sure they also brought out a flush nose 1300 junior and finally around '72 or '73 the 2L GTV with again a different interior.

As I said in my previous post, the S1 GTV has the earlier style bumpers and rear tail lights, but a more modern dash in comparison to the early stepnose models. Many consider the 1750 instrument, consol setup to the best looking. Having said that I still would love a stepnose GTA replica. Don't get me started. Apart from saying the GTA was the factory race car, with alloy panels, twin plug head etc. They came in both 1300-1600, oh and then there was also the GTAM (based on a 1750 but with fuel injection, and seriously flared guards etc. The GTC was a convertible.

Hope that helps paint a picture. There are plenty of good books out there which will give you far greater detail and pictures etc.

One final thing, US spec cars also have some additional differences to Euro models which we got out here in Oz.

"Sporting blood has run through the veins of every Alfa Romeo produced over the last **100** !! years"
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Suggest you also post your question on the Victorian AROCA forum, at Alfa Romeo Owners Club (Vic). That is accessed by a large number of Oz Alfisti with good knowledge of what is happening in the local market. You don't need to be a member to post.

1973 105 GTV (Alfa #6 of 19 owned)
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Screw it...I'll just become a drug dealer and buy myself a GTA.
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The metal on these cars wouldnt be thick enough to absorb much of a bullet's force. Maybe not the best idea.

There's a very nice bonafide 'as new' GT on carsales if you fancy a white GT.
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The white one is an early GT, which are pretty rare these days, the restoration certainly appears to be fabulous, hence the likewise price tag.

If ones budget and/or driving requirements are less, then there are plenty to choose from, ie. 9 1750 GTVs alone starting from around $9K and going upwards to around $30K depending on condition and specifications etc.

There are also a couple of GTVs on ebay for sale as well.

"Sporting blood has run through the veins of every Alfa Romeo produced over the last **100** !! years"
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Yeah, gta might not be such a good criminal car- I've decided on a late GTV 2000 and i'm going to wait until the right one pops up for about 10-15. I don't want a bomb but that being said 50 grand for a gt is a bit steep.....From what I have been told that buys you a good car with simple stuff to improve on-rather than cutting out body pannels and stripping engines down....
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Hey James, probably a wise decision re the GTA and drug dealer caper, however, and as per my previous advice seriously mate, now is the time to pounce. There are a lot of cars out there not moving for various reasons, and I would suspect owners willing to haggle. But be aware, given the budget you are talking about you are not going to find the perfect car, as these go for much higher prices, but you should be able to find one you can enjoy and perhaps do some further tidying up on.

In thinking about what you say you want, I just did a quick check on carsales and there are at least 3 2L GTVs that fit the bill you are talking of, especially in terms of both condition and asking price.

There is a '73 silver car for $11.5K in NSW. On steel wheels with very tidy exterior (paint and panel straightness), very tidy interior and engine bay. According to the seller, the car has its service records (that is good), with recent work done to the brakes and a couple of other matters. Comes with new Pirellis, garaged and never driven in the rain. Supposedly has 239,000km on the clock.

The next one is a '74 Le Mans blue one with tan interior, on Momo vegas (read both relatively rare and expensive wheels), with a tidy interior and exterior. The engine bay looked a little scruffy but supposedly very good mechanicals. Supposedly has 49, 748km on the clock but I would expect it has been around once or twice. It is in Victoria.

The third one in your price range is a '72 Navy Blue one for $14K ono, I think in NSW. The engine bay looks tidy, carbs have ram tubes and socks (so read induction noise), it is on alloy wheels, apparently good mechanically and has had some minor rust repairs done. If it were me, I would want to check that properly to make sure it had been done correctly. Replaced headlights with high power units. The bumpers are removed but come with the car. Supposedly with 90,000 on the clock but I again undoubtedly at least once around the clock.

There were a couple of other cars available for between high $15-16 + but one was auto and the other to my mind looked like a tart box.

My point is they are out there. If your budget were to stretch higher to around the $20k mark I am sure there would be some really superb cars.

My pick of the 3 listed, if it were me, is probably either the silver or Le Mans blue one. As ever though best to do your homework and/or get the car you are interested in checked out by an Alfa (preferably 105) specialist.

"Sporting blood has run through the veins of every Alfa Romeo produced over the last **100** !! years"
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