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FS 1995 164 LS white w/ tan interior now asking $3,000

1995 Alpha Romeo 164 LS
78,XXX miles
5 speed
White w/ silver trim exterior and tan (biscuit?) leather interior
Located in San Mateo, CA
NOW Asking $3000 (was $3600)
Contact: reply here if interested and I'll provide email and phone # for further chat.

view photos @ http://new.photos.yahoo.com/dmadden@sbcglobal.net
(let me know if there's a problem with this.

Been my daily driver since bought in February 2004 with 53000 miles on it. Starting end of last year it has been sitting more than being driven as I got another car and intended to sell this. It ended up being the Ďfill-iní vehicle when our son would come home during breaks from college. Yes Ė a young male drove it for a while with no ill effects!
He is now home, has another car and though I know I will regret it, I need to sell to free up a little cash, reduce my insurance costs and stable (and my wife says so). What time and cash I generate will go towards my GT1300jr (or GT2000jr as it has a 2L and various other subtle improvements).
The 164 was purchased w/ a salvage title (some of you may have seen my sale posts on Craigslist SF). True or false (I donít know accuracy but I bought the story and subsequently the car), I was told: PO bought from an auction. Somebody had sabotaged the wiring harness (unplugged) to the black box during the inspection period. As it would not start / run and the auctioneer didnít want to spend time / $ on it sold it as-is. PO had connection reestablished and all the stuff needed to get it retitled (brakes, lights etc inspections & certifications). There is no apparent collision damage or repairs to the car. I did see a small area at the left rear wheel well that looks like it has a bit of filler but thatís all I found. All the panels have the original VIN on them.

Straight, clean, no rust. Some expected door dings etc.
All trim there, all lights etc work.
Evidence of (at least) a partial respray in same original white. Donít know why.
Lower side grey trim panels vary a little (just enough to notice to my picky eye) in color front door to back door (part of the respray?)
Windshield has a crack. Mostly behind rearview mirror but migrating to the left.

Seats / leather good. Driver seat I would rank as Ďfairí as it has some spots here the finish of the leather has failed. Leather is still supple at these locations though Ė no tears splits or rips. Passenger and rear seats are very good to perfect imho.
Dash is complete, no cracks or other problems. LCD has klingon warship code on it (does not properly display). Original radio. HVAC works perfectly. Oil pressure gauge (or sender) funky. Bounces around. Started doing this about 8 months ago. Pressure has always been steady and reliable at about (on the gauge) 55 to 70 range since I got it. Airbag warning on display blinks now (then goes solid after while). Believe (from what Iíve read here on the Forum) that it is due to improper disconnect of battery / power when old battery died from sitting too long. The warnings started then. DS door retaining strap broken so door does not hold itself open. PS door latch has recently stopped working from the inside. Door is still openable from the exterior latch. I believe something has come disconnected inside the door but havenít had time to open it up yet. All lights, windows, sunroof etc work great.

Engine is strong, complete and original. SMOG II check last year and it passed easily.
Transmission is balky. Grinds or protests going into 3rd. If you're gentle , it goes right in but if you force it, itís not happy. Also makes some low Ďsquawkyí sort of sound above ~1500 rpm in 1st & 2nd. You can search my posts here on this subject. It has done this since I bought it. It works ok (for now) but assume it will need rebuilding or replacing at some point.
Brakes and suspension are very good.

Work Iíve had done since purchase (highlights only Ė of course Iíve done reg maint work Ė oil, filters, balance, alignment etc etc):
@ 53000 miles:
Temp sensor
Major service inc. tuneup
Timing belt
Serp belt
Idler bearing
Tensioner pulley
@ 53,800 miles:
Clutch inc TO bearing
Clutch slave cylinder
Opened transaxle case at this time to inspect cause of noise. Nothing found wrong and closed it up.
New oem fog lamps
Brakes Ė pads and rotors
@62000 miles:
Plenum and vapor hoses
Right rear steering tube
center and rear mufflers, tailpipe
New (proper size and form factor) battery
New tires
New low pressure hose on power steering.

Iím sure Iím forgetting stuff but also sure youíll ask if interested.

I know the salvage title is a bummer and hopefully have reflected that in the asking price. This should be a fun reliable (it is a Alfa!) car for the new owner. If, God forbid, it becomes a donor car, its good and valuable pieces will provide a substantial return on the investment.

69 GT 1300 jr w/ 2L
95 164LS nero - now gone on to a better life in Colorado

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-Joe in SoFla
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alfa in FL

I noticed you are also in FL.
This one has been on Craigslist for a few weeks.
I have not seen it, I have no relation to seller.


First Alfa: 1983 Sud 1.5 Ti Q - Last Alfa: GTC 1965
-many in between-
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OK, the photos link works now.


P.S. I've seen that LS. Not bad...except for the automatic.
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I'm in Los angeles.....I would have someone fly out, buy the car, and drive back, I bought a 94 from Alfa marty in pacifica last year. call me!
(323) 243-1779 no e-mails please.
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my offer is still good, i can send a driver down mid next week.
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PM'd you regarding the car
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advice on shipping / transaction settlement?

I have been talking with a party back east regarding the purchase of this car. However, neither of us are familiar with how a long distance transaction can / should work.

Does anybody have any sage (or other ) advice on how these things work? Obviously, my concern is receiving the payment prior to releasing Title. His is receiving Title prior to releasing control of his money.

We'd also like any advice on shippers - any references (CA to Ohio), what we can expect to pay etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

69 GT 1300 jr w/ 2L
95 164LS nero - now gone on to a better life in Colorado
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I just had a Spider shipped from central Cal to Arkansas. Cost was $682, open transport, car was delivered 6 days after I placed the order. Service was excellent:
ISC Auto Transport
1-877-328-4588 EXT 11
This outfit has a very good reputation.

Jeff Lang
'85 GTV6 3L, 73 GTV, '94 164 LS
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Thanks so much for the reference. This will be very helpful.

69 GT 1300 jr w/ 2L
95 164LS nero - now gone on to a better life in Colorado
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You can do various things involving bills of sale, liens, etc. Seller can send bill of sale or title with lien for sale price. Buyer sends money. Seller sends car and paperwork. Or modification and variations on above theme. It's much better to do things with folks you know or have a mutual friend. Perhaps someone you both know can act as an escrow agent (at whatever level of formality matches his comfort zone)? Ask a your local AROC chapter for recommendations and suggestions?

My experience with open car transport: the driver of the rig will show up 5 miles from your house at a shopping center parking lot near the freeway at 10 pm. You will have no light to inspect your acquisition, and must sign for inspection in order to take possession. You must know what to do correctly in order to protect yourself against damage. I don't. I didn't have any problems from this, but I was vulnerable.

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Be really careful with transport companies. What a lot of people don't realize is that most of these contract out to independent cabs/drivers who are heading in the direction of the final destination, not necessarily going directly to the final destination. Thus, it is possible for your car to wait at an intermediate stop while waiting for another driver. I recommend going specifically with a company that owns and operates both the cabs and trailers. You can also make arrangements to pick you car up at their lot/warehouse in many cases (this is where they offload the entire shipment). I recommend Intercity or someone comparable. Unless you get a good company, this can be an anxiety riddled process.

69 GTV
86 GTV6
94 164 LS
"Fortunately, I'm adhering to a very strict drug regimen to keep my mind limber..."
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New Year - New Price - now asking $3,000

bumping to the top with a new price.

still the same strong, solid car (if a somewhat checkered history prior to my ownership), now at a lower price. I guess the (lack of?) history and the salvage title are scaring people. I thought I priced it properly considering, but here's a better shot for ya'll to consider.

The remote buyer seems to have gone 'dark' so I guess that may not happen. Thanks though for all the transpo and transactional guidance received. If he does come through, we'll certainly put the new knowledge to use.

I will be posting this on craigslist and maybe even ebay. I'd prefer this go to someone who knows / appreciates / wants to keep these on the road. However, I do need to move it eventually.

I'm driving it today. Still really enjoy it and I'll probably mope around a bit when it's gone. Then I'll go wrench on junior and everything will be all right.

Thanks for the consideration.

69 GT 1300 jr w/ 2L
95 164LS nero - now gone on to a better life in Colorado
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That is a steal..wow!

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