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GTV6 Callaway for sale...#5 of 5 prototypes

UPDATE - See latest post.

It is with heartache (heartache I tell you!) that I post this. Our beloved Richard Sirgany, Alfa Romeo Owner's Club-USA tech guru and head honcho at AutoVolante (Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums) is retiring due to ill health and I won't have anyone to work on my beloved Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Callaway. Combine this with some family issues that have cropped up recently, and I very reluctantly put up this car for sale. (My 11 year old, to whom I had promised this car when was old enough, is not happy.)

Anyway, you guys get first crack.

The car is #5 of the 5 Callaway prototypes (the previous owner believed it was "the brochure car" but neither he nor I can confirm or deny this) which has also been authenticated by Richard at AutoVolante. Overall only 33 (or 34, 35, 36, or 37 depending on who you ask and how they count things) Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6 Twin Turbos were ever built and only 5 this car is crazy rare.

Red (AR530) with tan leather interior. Mileage is quite low, +/-63K. +/-2500 miles per year.

It has a number of rare original options, too:
1- Oil cooler (vital in South FL), Part #8634
2- Original mats (I have them safely stashed away; I use "regular" mats for everyday), Part #8644
3- Speedline 16" wheels, Part #8715...with Pirelli PZero Nero tires (205-45-16) with 85%-90% tread and a fifth tire for "just in case"
4- Maratona aerokit, Part #6509 (I may have some replacement bits and pieces to throw in, but I can't guarantee that.)
5- Mahogany steering wheel and shift knob (I also have the black ones), Part #544084
6- Callaway rear wing, (not sure of the Part #...8645?) and
7- Tropic-Aire a/c -- which REALLLLLLLLLLLY works in the swelter of a Miami summer; I can't leave it alone full blast too long before I need to click it back a notch! Part #8219

The car came with for-real Recaro (Part #DDM589) seats but the "previous-previous" owner removed them (I think he may have been the...uh...wrong build for the Recaros) and just this summer I was able to track them down; these are dusty, but good-as-new.

All receipts. All maintenance under my ownership done by AutoVolante on schedule. All books and brochures, including the dealer option brochures and the hyper-rare Callaway brochure. (Try finding an original Callaway Twin Turbo Maintenance manual!) Even comes with the original UNUSED! toolkit (the gloves have yellowed a bit in 20some years...) and the manual window winder still sealed in its original pouch. I have all three keys (doors/ignition/fuel cap) and original articles and reviews, etc. also come with the car. It has always had a custom dash mat -- also cuts out the glare when you drive -- so the dash is crack-free. Oh, and a fuzzy shoulder belt pad, too.

Registered at the CAC-Callaway Registry, too.

Engine rebuilt about 3K miles ago, with a few little DISCREET (light headwork, 164S cams, that sort of thing; nothing wild whatsoever) improvements by Richard, which add to a pleasant increase in power with NO PENALTY in driveability. Garaged AND covered with a custom WeatherShield cover. The previous owner installed a Platinum gearbox with LSD and also a stainless steel Stebro exhaust which, because the car is a turbo, isn't too loud at all -- my "regular" GTV-6 with stock exhaust was louder -- but still has the Alfa note.

South Florida car and previously Arizona car, so no rust nightmares. Car has been pampered, loved, and regularly Griot-ed and Zymol-ed within an inch of its life. Everything works, even the 2nd gear synchro, even the electrical stuff.

Great fuel economy (+/- 28mpg) if you can lay off the turbo, as well. (Which ain't easy because the power surge is SO effortless.)

I wouldn't hesitate to hop in this car and drive across the continent, diagonally. (It'd go a lot faster than you think!) The only niggling flaws are the grey fuzzy window trim has shrunk over the years and is pulling a little, and the color has rubbed off a bit (left bolster of the driver's seat) of the otherwise impeccable leather can have that little patch redyed without much drama, or you could (should!) install the original Recaros that'll come with the car.

The car has NO SUNROOF, and a few interesting prototype-ish touches (no "C-A-L-L-A-W-A-Y" lettering on the intercooler, etc.)

I'll also throw in all the assorted bits and pieces that I have accumulated over the years, most notably a pair of European bumpers (I believe the car was originally sent over with Euro bumpers, and American bumpers were fitted when it was sold at the old Bobcor Dealership in NJ) and a new hood insulation liner. Also have extra speaker grilles, an extra clock, window shade, etc. And a concours trophy I'll throw in.

A couple of pictures:

Naturally, this won't come super-cheap...but considering the rarity and condition (it is pre-approved to run in the Special Interest Class at the Carolina Trophy Rally), it will be a terrific deal. Please contact me by email ( to discuss price, ask questions, etc.

Thanks in advance,

-Joe in SoFla

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wow....... you have a lot of folks drooling. Best of luck with the sale. Let's see, If I toss in the Duetto, the S4 spider and the Alfetta, how far apart would we be....???

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...oh, we'd be about one excellent Alfa repair facility apart :-)
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Yep, lots of drool happening...

Can we have more photos, please? Interior, dash, engine bay, etc? Thanks.

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This is indeed a special Alfa, and it deserves to sell well and go to a good home... What is the asking price?

Best regards,

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The 16" speedline wheels look a 24v 164 option, common in Europe, where most Q4 and Q came with them. I thought the wheel option for the Callaway were similar looking, but actually OZ wheels and 15"? Regardless, they look great on the car.

Nice car! I had a low mile Callaway, but sold it a couple of years ago - fun, fun, fun. Good luck with the sale!


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I am very sorry to hear that you need to sell your wonderful car! What a shame! However, with the documentation you have and the car's history, it should be able to be sold for good money.

Isn't anyone going to take over from Richard? I believe that he still has all the original Maratona Kit molds and a lot of other irreplaceable stuff.

Good luck with your sale!

'Alex' Sandor Csank

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Alas, Richard's found nobody to take over the shop, made worse by the fact his Dr. told him to retire RIGHTTHISINSTANT. (Richard had a near-fatal accident that kept him in intensive care for weeks. Not easy at age 70something) Now, if you know someone who'd like to move to Miami and have a thriving Alfa business with hundreds of loyal clients, have him (her?) give Richard a call. Right now he'd cut pretty much any half-decent deal just to keep his beloved shop going.

He's taking a lot of the stuff with him to NM (that's where he's gotta go) and the rest to the family factory in Jamaica. He has the last 10 original OEM Maratona aerokits (+/- $1K per set, including all the mounting and trim stuff) and a few Callaway wings ($?) and some GTAM flares.

But his shop is a treasure trove of Alfa unobtainium. Even more, whenever he sold you a part, he only marked it up 10% from his cost...even if he had bought it in 1981. You'd weep at how little he charged for stuff selling for gigabucks on eBay.

Anyway, as far as price, if anyone is serious about the car (or know someone who is) please shoot me an email ( as I'd rather just discuss this with interested parties. (UPDATE - See newest post.)


P.S. To whomever I sell it to, I'll want first rights to buy it back.

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That car is extremely tempting. If it came up for sale when I was in the market for a GTV-6 I'd be all over it.

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WOW, is ALL I can say. Good Luck with the sale. You deserve top $$$ for it.

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Well, the sale of this car fell through because the purchaser had some financing issues that cropped up at the last minute. So I'm back here to let everyone know it's no longer being "held" for anyone.

I did a quickie run through of some extra bits and pieces which will go to the purchaser:

Spare gas cap
Spare clock
Spare steering wheel and knob (black)
Spare speaker grilles
Spare windshield wiper arm nut cover (you do NOT want to know how much I paid for this little tiny bit of unobtainium)
Spare Maratona aerokit (if you don't want it we can adjust the price)
Spare door handle frames

I may also have the original Euro bumpers, and other assorted bits, too. I need to double check.

So, if you are interested, please contact me directly BY EMAIL. (I don't get the chance to pop by here as often as I'd like!) My email is Here are some pictures, and I have more for those seriously interested.

Since so many folks asked, I'll go against my instinct mention the price is US$27K which is quite reasonable considering the rarity, desirability and the completeness of the car, as well all the rare and desirable bits that come with it.



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Hi -

I was Frank Poole's studio assistant at the time that he shot the brochure photographs. I am trying to find the test shot Polaroids from the shoot to see if I can confirm that #5 was the car that we actually used for the cover shot. The engine in the brochure was out of the car when it arrived at the studio in New Haven to be photographed so I know for sure that it wasn't the engine that was in #5. We shot the cover photo in a warehouse at Calloway during the same week that summer. I will keep looking to see if I can find the Polaroids and other documentary photos from this shoot.

I wish I had the money to buy this car. I have some great stories from this photo shoot and would love to own this car.

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That'd be great! It RESEMBLES the brochure car, and I'd love to confirm this.

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Nice car--**** nice car!! I'm 70+ and can tell you from experience "you will cry when it leaves". Why am I so poor??
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Originally Posted by aggie06G-pa View Post
Nice car--**** nice car!! I'm 70+ and can tell you from experience "you will cry when it leaves". Why am I so poor??
How can you consider yourself "poor" when you are "rich" enough to live in Chama?

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