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Hey mr. jerry,

Thanks for the kind words. I follow your posts of art, poetry and prose, with great interest and respect, so your comments are highly valued. We're glad you enjoyed the vicarious voyeur's vacation!!

The car performed amazingly, far better than I had hoped for. I anticipated at least one moderate (several days) garage visit but we had none, over 8000 miles yet. In reading Brooklands "AR Giulia Berlinas 1962-1976" now, all the review comments are well validated, both the good and the bad. And by far most are good.

In hindsight now that we are home and settling back in, this was even a greater opportunity than we had recognized up front. It was "Alfa heaven" as you say. Beforehand there is so much thinking, planning, scheduling and arrangements to be made that the end-result is a bit vague. There was also the uncertainty on the performance of the car. It is now such that we half consider leaving the car there to do another trip again!! But there are more nice cars there, and perhaps Alfa will have a European delivery program like they did in the "old days". I keep trying to convince my wife that we are missing the white coupe to make the Italian Alfa trifecta. It a MiTo or Guilietta a coupe???

Here's to hoping that you can plan such a trip as well and taste Alfa heaven on earth. Now that Pinyo is consigned to coming here, we are already planning our first US voyages with her, both moderate and long.

So 9 pages, 204 pictures (of some 3000 shot), and 5 video clips later, the deed is done. We just await the car now. Will update later when she arrives.

Thanks again, Bruce

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