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Originally Posted by slam105 View Post
Having watched the BB for a couple of years now, I've noticed how many Alfas appear to be in California. I don't know how to really verify this, but I'm guessing that there are more Alfas in California than ALL the other 49 states combined!!!

Any 'number-geeks' out there who can come up w/a way to prove/dis-prove my dopey assumption???


BTW: my Alfa is in So. Florida(there are hardly ANY down here!)


ps---I've also noticed that the 'majority' of 1969 thru 1976 BMW 2002s are also in California...
to be even more specific, reading this thread i'm always left with the general impression that there's a heavy(ish) concentration up in the san francisco bay area for whatever reason.

i don't have any numbers, but my guess would be that there are just more survivors in california due to the climate in much of the's called "sunny california" for a reason. here in LA, it basically doesn't all...from roughly mother's day until thanksgiving. the humidity is also generally very low, despite the proximity of the ocean (hence the term 'coastal desert'). winter is the rainy season, but even then it's still predominantly sunny and rarely rains for more than 2 or 3 days in a row. unless you live in the mountains, there is no real snow to speak of...thus no salt on the roads. any rust prone car is just going to last longer in california.

you have to remember, it's also a huge state with a large i'm sure it started off with a numbers advantage, on top of the weather. california's economy is the eighth largest in the world...much larger than that of most countries, let alone other states.

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