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I cant get over that theres no real metal in the bumpers at all, atleast with the old 124 and other stuff of that age they had decent solid bumpers not plastic wonders, then i'm thinking my brava is probably similar, all plastic.

I bet the bumpers are interesting to find now to, if you did have an accident. Like most bits im betting there would be bugger all around.

I was thinking the rust thing there would be a particular quirk of the model, lol
I have to wonder to if i passed a warrent last time with out them seeing it which is a bit of a worry because i cant see it of happened over the last year. The carpets in the 75's must be an experience to take up to, seemed a mission enough to clear the carpet and all the noise insulation stuff around the hole so i could get a decent look at it. Now onto make some patches and weld them in

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