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There can be differences of opinion on what is/was original, but most details can be determined.

I have never seen a yellow 2000, but I can imagine it being stunning if it is a soft yellow with black interior. I think the car would look very nice if the hard top was also black. Yes, the cover over the soft top storage area should be the same color as the rest of the interior.

If I were to restore another 10204 with a unique color, I would change the interior to high-quality leather. Although most were vinyl, leather was an option, so in keeping with the nature of the car.

Almost everything except the exterior of the car should be painted a semi-gloss black. The dash should have a slightly greater gloss than the engine bay, trunk, wheel wells, etc, but just barely. The dash should not be high gloss.

If you undertake the project, you'll have plenty of help and encouragement. Particularly if you do not paint the car red.

We could be convinced to visit Aix-en-Provence with little effort.

What year and serial number of the car?

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