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New Grills: $115!!! Brass, chrome, A+.

Trying to drum up interest to an advert I saw in the December 2014 AROC issue. Fellow Alfisti, Don Singer, knows someone in the Aerospace business that will copy his original grill and stamp new ones out of brass. VERY high quality. PLUS, he will have them chromed, all for $115 per unit!!! This is a VERY AWESOME deal! Every Giulietta owner NEEDS an extra grill. Even those that don't own a Giulietta, need this grill, at least to hang up in the "Man Cave."

Seriously, I saw this advert in this months issue of AROC and contacted Don. He's a great guy and has a connection to have high quality grills made on the cheap. Just to give you all an idea of what's up with Giulietta grills, I purchased one off eBay in October 2014 for $81. It was in deplorable shape. I am having it restored and show-chromed for $424. That's OVER $500 dollars for a SHOW CHROME grill that can be bought for $115! Even if you don't go my route and purchase one off Centerline, Mr. Fiat, etc., you can get TWO grills from DON cheaper than you can buy one off these websites. Think about it.

Don needs 100 units spoken for in order to get things going. Time is running out so it's best to jump on this offer while still available. Don is NOT computer literate and prefers you send him a letter of intent. While you all are at work or sipping your morning java, print out a letter to Don and drop it in the mailbox. So far, I was the 3rd person to contact him about these grills. I requested 4 grills and he needs 100 to get things moving. You may contact Don at (805) 382-8394 and send your letter to the attention of Don Singer, 1540 Viewpoint Drive, Oxnard, CA 93035.

Let's get things going for Don and have some great grills made. Thanks for listening.

- Len

Len Jacko (Cleveland, OH): '58 Spider Normale, Spider Veloce (Done!) and Sprint Veloce (In Progress), '60 Spider 2000 Touring (my favorite) and '61 Spider Normale.
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