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Alfa 164

I'm not looking for a "flame war" either. While the Berlina and the 164 cannot be compared, I'm going to do it anyway. The 164 is upscale with creature comforts well beyond my Berlina. But I love my Berlina nonetheless. For me the 164 offers more technology and styling, is comfortable, and it should be based on when it was produced, over the previous Alfa sedans; and it also solves my personal issue with the Milano. I find the Milano styling notchy, which is not terribly appealing to me. Furthermore, I get claustrophobia because of the front windshield pillar configuration which makes me feel like I need the window down to allow the fresh air to blow in my face, either as a passenger or driver, to keep me from heaving.

Pat and I owned most of the U.S. sedan models AFAIK except the Milano and 164. My favorite is the Berlina, his was either the Giulia Super or the TI, but I also found the Alfetta sedans very good every day drivers with children.

Having said all that, these were Pat's feelings that he expressed in From Portello to Arese:
"Many years ago, I proposed that history would blur the distinctions between the Giulia and Giulietta and make all the 4-cylinder cars a single identity, differing only in horsepower and displacement. In the same spirit, I propose that Fiat’s takeover of Alfa will be seen as the end of the marque, and the Milano, with all its shortcomings, as the last 'real' Alfa..."

(Not an authority nor SME on anything, just PATSYF)

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