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GTV6 head doesn't want to part with block

The stats on this 2 head removal are '84 GTV6 Motor - 1, Me - 0.5. I gave myself a half point for a fairly quick brake booster removal. But the driver's side head is stuck in a big way. I didn't even lay my hands on passenger head yet. Here's my wonderings...

1. I removed 8 head fasteners and exhaust manifold. Is there something that I forgot to remove that is holding this head on the block?

2. I saw a nice slot on front (radiator) side of driver's head for a crowbar. Is there a similar slot for passenger head?

3. I can move driver's side head with crowbar, and it moves a centimeter or so, but the rear of head is stuck real good. Is it possible to warp the head with this prying?

4. I saw the front (radiator) 4 head bolts move with respect to head when I pry with crowbar. But the rear (firewall) 4 head bolts do not move when I pry with crowbar or with wooden pry-bar at rear (firewall) side of head -- see attached photo. There's a white powder around these 4 rear head bolts, so I think this is the main stuck part, but the head gasket might be adding to the stuck-ness. How do I unstuck these bolts and get this head off?

Any and all hints and help are appreciated as I'm feeling fairly defeated here. I guess I have to drive my non-Alfa to the ARA Granturismo this weekend.

Thanks in advance,
Sal in Norcal
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