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The turn signals on the bumper was done by the PO. I liked it, too, so haven't messed with it.

The color of the car is actually "light metallic beige" (translated from Italian). And the color you see would be identical, as pictures can't actually see the real difference. Some day, we will re-spray the car with something as close as possible, which is *barely* a different shade, but much lighter on the metallic flake- well, at least looking at the engine compartment and door jambs.

I though the car was a rare color... until I saw another at one of our track days- I thought that my wife was having problems on the track and came in the back way, until she stormed by.

Oddly enough, now there are 2(!) of these in my home town. Identical colors.

He also had the amber fog lights- and that is what they are, not high beams- the outers are high and low. But he converted them to the super bright high beams... To each his own.

I love the color combination- the shiny chrome/aluminum/ stainless with the amber lights all over the gold shade.

I doubt I will ever part with this wonderful car. Time to take it out of hibernation this weekend for our drivers school...

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