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Originally Posted by slyalfa View Post
there is none. the MSD will be better. but having timming off the crank it the biggy.
see of you can get spica pully and cover from somewhere like APE.

some one here on the BB took a spider pully and had the notches cut into the outside. you could also just drill 4 holes and mount magnets.
there are amy may wasy to do this. I would say even if just need to buy a kit do it.

Thanks, Sly. The photos helped. But if you're using the M/Squirt, especially with a European block, wouldn't it make sense to use engine pully as the reference? That way you'd have easier access to the trigger in case of failure. For the first time I don't regret have 2L blocks with Spica castings! They make a great place to mount the trigger.

Brett. From your post I couldn't tell whether you'd used an MSD or not. For the record I think they're the best thing since sliced bread. The multi-firing cd design will solve a multitude of sins and with open chambered heads (got this from a Vizzard book) you'll see some additional hp to boot.

A story. My friend's shop had a Maserati Bora come with with serious plug fouling problems. In did not like stop and go traffic. Two MSD6A's later and it was a totally different car. However, during the install my friend made the mistake of rotating the dizzy while holding on to the coil wire. The MSD fired and almost welded his wedding ring to the finder. He said his arm was numb all afternoon.

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