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I am a VEMS guy so I do not know to much abut the MS trigger but if it is at al programable I woud trigger off the crank. there are a few kits out there.(even wes has one). I would use a spica pully and grind off one of the teeth. That is what I am doing now but I use the spica wheel side as I am controling the spica. and have the spica mounted. I use a ford type wasted coil. I got a acell very cheap but the ford plug cost almost as much as the coil. I think I will use the GM type from now on. as the connectors seem easy to get. also the ford takes funky sparkplug wires.
I tossed the dizzy. The dizzy bounces all over the place and triggering off the crank is the #1 thing to improve the feel of the car.
I use a grear hall to pick up the spica teeth. I started out with one I got at digikey(round threaded). then made my own, a block that made mounting easy.

if you want to use a single coil you can still use the dizzy to point to the right spark plug. but I would never trigger off it. trigger off the crank.
some of the spiders has some sort of trigger on the fly wheel. if you have that that might also work.

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