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Originally Posted by bcal View Post
Anyone converted a non TS 4 banger to ignition control using MS2?
I am thinking of using a MSD 6A controlled by MS2 and using the mechanical points with locked advance mechanism as the input.
Anyone have any comments before I commit.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has done this and what settings etc they used.
Hey, Brett:

I'm looking at doing the same thing (although you'll probably get to it a lot qucker than me). I've used the MSD6A with points and with breakerless. Although the points should be just a switch and really not make much difference, I found that the breakerless set up seemed to work better; the motor just seemed overall a but more crisp. Imagination? Maybe. I used a MarelliPlex breakerless set up. It uses the GM style amplifer which made it plug compatable with MSD. It's really a sweet set-up and, with breakerless, the whole thing is **** near bulletproof. Pertronix makes adapters for various Bosch dizzys and, now I think, for Marelli.

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