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Bosch Distributor Maintenance Hiccup

Hi all, I need some input.

I recently aquired a secondhand Bosch distributor with the intent to convert it to electronic ignition and then use it in my car in place of my current Marelli unit.
The Berlina that the dizzy came from lived by the beach, and given the Alfa intolerance to both moisture and salt, it of course died by the beach.

The dizzy overall seemed in good order, except for some surface rust on the steel contact breaker plate, and generally being absolutley filthy! When I first got it I tested it in my car briefly and it seemed to run perfectly well.

So tonight, armed with my copy of the Alfa Giulia-Spider Owners Workshop Manual, I set about dismantling it to clean away the rust and get all the other crud out as well.

All came apart well, and nothing seems worn, so all was cleaned and went back together.
This is my first experience with dismantling a distributor myself, but following the instructions in the manual, it was as easy as 1, 2, 3!

When I emptied the dish that I used as kerosene bath there were a number of small parts of a plastic or bakelite or similar material in the bottom.
The dizzy was really dirty, so the kerosene bath that I used to clean everything turned completely black, so there was no seeing to the bottom until I emptied it.

I found another part of the same material protruding from underneath the flyweight in the centrifugal advance mechanism. I didn't actually dismantle the advance mechanism as I didn't see a need to. I opted to just wash the dirt out of it.

I can't tell clearly what the now-disintegrated part is from the diagram in the manual, but I feel it is most likely what is referred to as the Intermediate Plate.

See the pics below, and can anyone help me out with answers to the following questions please?

A. Is this the Intermediate Plate? Or if not, what is it?

B. What function does it perform?

C. Is it essential?

D. Where can I get another?

And I also have a question about the order to replace the plastic and steel washers at the top and bottom of the shaft. I took careful note of the order of mine as I dismantled the distributor, and as it turns out they were in the reverse order to that shown in the manual. i.e Underneath the advance mechanism, and above the drive dog - the steel thrust washers were closest to the distributor body, and the plastic washers farthest away. Whereas in the manual, they are shown the other way around. Any comments on this?

All assistance is much appreciated.


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I love this car, but I'm pretty sure this car hates me!

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