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Pistons and liners will be ordered tomorrow

Thanks Michael and Jim,
as far as knurling is concerned I don't even know where I'd start looking for somone willing to and capable of doing that, nor am I sure that it would end up being substantially cheaper or a good long term solution, but would definately include a lot of running around.
As far as my old pistons are concerned - they look good but they are not. I have ovality of up to 0.15mm and they are just plain too small. I havn't been able to measure my liners for ovality yet but they probably won't be much better. I guess there was a big portion of "wishful thinking" and impatience involved here. As you pointed out Jim, the price difference of a set of pistons for my liners compared to the price for pistons and liners makes the decision obvious. I plan on driving from Halifax to British Columbia with this motor in a few months so I have to get it right the first time around! The headers will just have to wait or I'll have to find something in the cellar to sell. Anybody need egg shaped pistons?

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