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Thanks for the info. I will check out the other section "anything about alfa's."

The pricing guide lines is what I have expected and that would be fine.

Anything else anybody has that could help me, information or other wise would be greatly appreciated.

As for you Jørgen, I think not, the 90SS has a ported Malossi topend, lightened flywheel w/electronic inglition, PM Tunning pipe, Mikuni 28mm flat slide carb w/reed valve. (I told you I was a gear head.) All that translates to 70-75mph top speed on the flat and even more downhill with a favorible wind. Don't worry, I have the original engine sealed up on the shelf.

It is one of about 5000 ever produce and in the states is pretty rare.

If I realy want to fly,one of my Lambretta has a ported TS-1 kit, 35 Mikuni TMX and a Taftspeed exhaust. It will beat a Harley stop light to stop light and go **** near 100mph on 10" wheels.

Want to race?

If I can dig up some more photo's I will post the links.

Never had any complaints from the ladies and lotsof compliments from bystanders so I guess I am "cool"

Once again, thanks to all and hope to be in contact for a while. One appology to all, I am not a very good speller so please don't hold that against me. I will try and do my best.


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