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the volume automatically increases as the RPMs get higher

So you never get to hear that wonderful engine?! what an awful feature

Yeah, you're right. I'm either in it listening to the stereo or the engine - they're both loud enough that I can't do both. Driving fast, the stereo is off. That's a lot safer too. In two reviews I read about this car (I think I read them all) the authors said that they would rather listen to the engine.

ar1750gtv Fabulous new car! I am sooooo jealous. I also like the way you break-in a new engine: by driving the piss out of it! Keep the pictures coming.
According to my dealer, the engines are already broken in, which was a good thing because THERE WAS NO WAY I was going to be able to exercise so much self restraint as to not 'drive the piss out of it' with the first 90 seconds of owning it.

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