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Idle speed screw fell out???

I am looking at my 78 Spider and it has the two 40DCOE Webbers on it, and I'm trying to find out if it's possible that my Carb closest to the front of the cars nose.. seems to have no Idle Speed adjusmtent screw!!! Could it have wiggled out and fallen out??... I just bought this car, and wanted to just increase the idle a bit from 600 rpm to 850 or so.

Anyone have a really good Webber diagrahm. I see a screw that is in the middle of the two Webbers, and is this screw the Idle adjustment screw for the both carbs? Or do each individual carbs have their own Idle speed adjustment screw? (I believe each carb has their own, but I could be wrong) The car runs great though..Where should I be looking? Is there one screw in the middle for Idle adjustment?

Hope I could be more clear in my description..
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