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The part labeled "1" could be the sandwiched piece but I am having a hard time visualizing what it really looks like and how it fits. The piece on my project spider has long since rusted away but I would think that the top part of such a large piece of sheet metal would still be hanging around inside the top part of the fender (wing) but I can't seem to make the puzzle come together in my head. It doesn't help that every diagram I have ever seen of spider rocker repair pieces is of the right side (take a look in the IAP catalog...that middle rocker in their diagram is a right side piece... same picture as the AR parts manual) Go figure....and it is usually the left side that goes first.

If I don't figure this out soon I will just have to cut the right side off and see what is in there....I'm sure that side will have to be done too but I was hoping to get the worst side done first.
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