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Wanting a second set of eyes on this before I started surgery, I enlisted a good Alfa buddy. We repeated what I'd done, finding the same thing: fires on ether so spark, compression and timing are OK. Fuel to the carbs and filling float bowls, but no gas squirting when throttle linkage actuated. As pointed out above, this looks like problems in the carb guts being blocked.

We were able to get the engine running, but just on the "enrichment" circuit. Depressing the accelerator leaned things out and it would start to die. Shutting off the enrichment would kill it too. So gas is at least getting out to the enrichment circuit, but not to the acc pumps or main circuit. If I can get decent diagrams of the circuits, I could figure out where the blockage likely is, I guess.

So although I logically preferred a common cause of the problem, rather than two independent failures, it does seem to be two gunked up carbs, the common cause being the same fuel. I guess I managed to get the last gasp out of it a few weeks ago when I got it to start, but not again. The gas although "fresh" looked like dark yellow urine, not gas. I had removed all but a gallon or so before I put in fresh gas, but now it looks like I need to empty the tank and start from there. And it's carb renewal time. As I noted in a post above, I had the carbs rebuilt when I bought it 1 1/2 years ago, but, my bad, I then let it sit, regunking things. So I'll be on the phone in the morning to Centerline for a rebuild kit. A lesson, not expensive in parts, but in time. But, hey, now I get to learn about my carbs!

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