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The PO (who imported it from Italy, worked on it some, but never made it roadworthy) evidently replaced all the rubber fuel lines. They look fresh and the hose clamps are your basic 'merican parts store versions, not original, so those seem fine. I've got fresh gas in it now, a new filter in the glass bowl (old one was nasty and there was fine sediment in the bowl. The little cylindrical screens in the carb intakes are clear. The guy who got it running enough to drive onto the transporter replaced the acc pump diaphragms and other gaskets. And it fired up and ran 3 weeks ago. But not now.
Only thing I can do is check the float levels (although hard to imagine they changed on their own in the past 3 weeks) and clean the jets (although with the filter screens clean, it's hard to believe that the jets are fouled.) But there is nothing else to do.
I'd just like to be sure that I have eliminated "the one stupid thing I missed" before I go tearing into the carbs.

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