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No start mystery on Solexes

Gradually working on getting my 1972 Euro market Berlina on the road. It has solex C40 DDHs and a mechanical fuel pump. The PO had it for many years off the road and only did minor work on it. I had the carbs serviced enough so it could be driven onto the transport 1 1/2 years ago. After some work I got it to start and run OK last week. Now it won't start. It will fire briefly on a good shot of ether starting flluid, so I assume I'm still getting decent enough spark and that timing didn't mysteriously change. I checked down the throats and there is no "squirt" in either carb when actuating the throttles, so I assume a fuel problem (plugs are also dry). There is fuel (with pressure) at the inlet hose from the filter and fuel in both float bowls. The needle valves work and the little filter screens are clear. I changed the fuel filter in the glass bowl and the fuel level is an inch or so up from the bottom in the glass bowl after cranking.

So, I have fuel into the carbs and in the float bowls, but it's not making it out into the engine, either through the acc pump or by engine suction. It fires on ether and it ran last week. What gives here? Any ideas? A solution that did not require two separate simultaneous failures of both carbs is more sensible, but the common elements (fuel pump, filter and lines up to the front carb) check fine, and there is fuel in both carb float bowls. It's acting as if there is no atmospheric pressure on top of the fuel in the carbs. The bowls must be vented, right? Any chance those could both be blocked? I'm tired of staring at this and could use another brain on it.

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