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Originally Posted by r-mm View Post
Great advice here...

Grigio - I'll never stop scheming on cars.... still have a few people up north looking at Fulvias for me. With the dropping euro I am continuously tempted. Plus I've gotten some advice that a very nice S1 Fulvia should be available below 10k euro. That plan is still in the mix. Funny thing is that when I went to see the stepose with my fiance she immediately started trying to talk me into the more reasonable of my unreasonable schemes, being the running, driving Fulvia.
Well you sir have proven me wrong in the Fulvia area as far as value. Not sure if you saw this listing, but There is a very nice Fulvia 2nd series on ebay which just ended at $17, 350.00. Not bad considering that you can pick up that same car here for just over 5K in great shape. Thats a hell of a profit if you ask me.
To further your excitement on Fulvia's. Which driving up the road yesterday evening, I passed by a similar one to the one listed on ebay. It definitely crossed my mind that I should bring one home with me and not pass up the opportunity while I am still here. It actually stopped traffic in a busy intersection and a path was cleared through it got that much respect and looks. The gorgeous lines on the Fulvia's are in a league of their own. Good luck and let me know if you still need my help. I am back in Italy and have 3 months left before I transfer.

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