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Here is a link to a video of the engine idling. There is a little vibration, its not a v-6 or 12 after all, but its not terribly bad. your thoughts.

Originally Posted by AlfistaChris View Post
If you disable the function of the O-ring / spring vibration damper by over tightening them AND donīt have some support (also with some rubber in it, like the stock item) to take the weight of the carbs, you will sure run into trouble. Please take this serious!
Yeah this is exactly what I have done Need to add the support bracket asap and then loosen up the nuts holding on the webers. The Pipercross filter backplane is not ridged enough for a strut mount so I will need to machine something appropriate.

Does anyone have a cad drawing of this plate?

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Maybe you have too much fuel pressure leading to a high fuel level at idle.
I am using one of those fancy glass filter regulators set to 3 psi. You can see the regulator/filter in the lower right in the picture below. I just recently pulled the inline pressure gauge off. For the last month that the gauge has been there the pressure never went out of wack, no reason to think it did since Saturday.

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I don`t know your set up, but donīt run high tension cables and sensor wires in parallel or close together. May look neat but produce unpredictable problems.
Not the latest picture but shows the engine bay's configuration. All my signal wires run along the fire wall to the passenger side fender and then underneath the air filter. For a short length the (3" maybe) the battery cable passes by the signal wires and then for another short length (10" or so) the alternator cable also runs parallel to the signal wires. The spark wires only run 90* to the signal wires. That should be okay, no?

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As always, long distance diagnostic is not precise and may miss simple causes because of second hand information and subjective impressions.

Good luck!
Roger that but I'll take what I can get Big thanks everyone.

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