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Strange sound from head area :(

Hey everyone, I have a troubling question to ask. A small rattle start yesterday or day before. It would only do it on occasion when idling. Seemed to go away but its back again this morning. It does not do it while running on the highway but while coasting to a stop and a little while beboping around town at low speeds.

With about a thousand miles on her since getting back on the road I did the first oil change today. It was a little low on oil; one of the bolts that holds on the exhaust cam rear distributor cover plate had come loose and spilled a little oil. Still maintained good oil pressure so I don't think it is related to that. Nothing unusual about the oil, no chunks or anything, magnetic plug was clean.

Seems the sound is coming from up top. Cam timing chain is tight; stuck my finger in via the oil fill cap. I don't have a spare valve cover gasket so I have not gone so far as to pull it off but that will be next. The sound is not constant or in regular intervals, it comes and goes.

Any ideas? Thanks,

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