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I know this is an old thread but im sure its originally Aztec, not Myan but its likely correct with its origin and basis (meso america). Since the serpent eating a man/regurgitating a man has often been associated with the symbolism of life and death.

Its a very interesting badge and i think Alfa are a little hush hush about it because its not exactly 'publicly friendly' for their image !! But if you look at the ancient Aztec art theres alot of one of their 'God' eating people in serpeant form. But again alot of ancient civilisations associated life and death as part of one cycle - therefore all inter-connected.

The only reason i know some of the basics is because i read around, as i was thinking of getting an ancient Aztec style tattoo. But i fear we will never know the real history and meaning as its either lost or 1 well kept secret

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