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I had a bad ignition problem that I finally diagnosed which is similar. On an early Giulia, the upper engine (thermostat) radiator hose has a bracket spot welded on to support and guide the plug wires. The rubber insulation on the oval steel support wore thin to metal from fretting on the bottom (only 47 years old!!) and the wires were shorting there and the spark was jumping about 1/2" from the radiator hose bracket edge to the valve cover. There is a history of electrical etching marks there where sparks were jumping around like a high school science project. These were some old wires with Bakelite plug connectors. (The Bakelite connectors say 1k ohm and the wires test out at that form end-to-end.) Changed the wires for new and no more problem, but only after replacing every ignition component (coil, cap, rotor, condenser, clean dizzy, etc.) for a long trip where a one-by-one replacement would not be possible. Now replacing pieces back one-by-one.

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