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I did not measure the inner stranded wire bundles (I just may) but they appeared to be the same size. Only that determines the ampacity/capacity. What appeared to be different is the insulation thickness. This prevents electrical breakdown and tracking when wet, moist or dirty (conductive). It appears only to be an insulation thing?? But since vendor specs are not published, it's hard to tell.

The 9 months I had the 5mm cables on they worked fine. Now, conventional wisdom is to get the biggest and best you can find (of everything!! ). Probably moreso needed with high pot coils and EI. More juice to conduct and insulate. I went up to 7m only because it is apparently OE correct for an early 105 according to some folks and not 5mm cables. If you want correct on a 750/101, go for 5mm and keep 'em clean. If it's a driver, go for bigger. If you want a bit of insurance, 7mm. If you have a radio, use suppression cables. And the added insulation can't hurt anything. When I get around to it, I will measure the wire bundle, if I can (each wire is pretty small).

The linked thread is more about an apparent aftermarket set of wires that came on the car with some interesting Bakelite plug connectors but as always the dialogue strays and is supplemented and there is other interesting information added by good knowledgeable folks.

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