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Originally Posted by bianchi1 View Post
cleaned all the paint around it , then on the back side i also cleaned the paint off, 80 grit will do. about 1" of paint removal will do,then with a hammer, i just carefully hammered the edges of the hole down a wee bit.. then get some alumiumn foil about 3" square, cover this with jb weld,, press it onto the bodywork inside the trunk, don't mush it up into the hole, just let it stick to the inside of the fender.. after that drys, give it a day, from the top add some jb weld to the hole flush it to the body best you can, this will self level in a hour.. let dry.. for a day, when just sand to finish.. after you paint it you will never see it agian, and it is a pretty good repair..
That's gross too! Wait till you hit a good bump and it cracks the paint.
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