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Hey Rob.
We based our opinion on the "feel" of the car. Mike, like me, is very intune with the way the car is feeling, so just like when you put on a free'er flowing exhaust, there is a noticable increase in 'pull'. Not a huge amount extra, but noticable. Not very scientific I know.
There is more chance for air to flow in to the intake, the stock air box on a GTV6 has a very small inlet, much smaller than the AFM. I have seen some spirited discussions here on the BB about 'cone filters' versus stock as to performance increase.
I think when you are moving that area of the engine compartment gets a certain amount of fresh air flow naturally, as the warm air around the engine is pushed back, down and out. I think modding a larger opening to behind the grill would help keep air intake temps down.
Is there a large difference in performance determined by the warm/cold air induction?
All that said, I like the kit, it sounds better and looks cooler too!

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