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The BMW - a 2004 325CSi - is my commute car; at least it has paddle shifters and auto/manual modes! I drive 60 miles each way, five days a week from TO to Santa Barbara on the PCH. Long drive but a zen-like peaceful trip along the Pacific Ocean at 5:30 am; takes about an hour. Most importantly, I get up to 43 mpg! The torque converter has a top-end lock mode that eliminates the classical slip of a fluid drive, and I can watch the rpm drop a few hundred as it engages; as long as it's locked and I'm under 75 mph, the computer says I'm getting 40+ mpg; and doing about 2700 rpm as well.

That's about 30,000 miles per year. I'd never abuse my 44 year old Duetto like that!

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